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Spirit of the year class begins

Led by Reb David Markus at Temple Beth-El of City Island

Course Overview

This monthly course will survey spiritual and liturgical themes of each holiday, festival and other major observance of the Jewish calendar.  Each session will focus on the next scheduled observance to prepare participants to embrace, feel and honor that observance with the fullest possible experience in soul, mind, heart and body.  For months without a major observance, we will explore the “Amidah” (the standing prayer) of weekdays and Shabbat.

Classes will be monthly on Wednesday evenings, 7:30-9:30pm, at the synagogue.  Tentatively, our class schedule will be most second Wednesdays of the month, with a few changes to accommodate the schedule.  For the benefit of participants unable to attend “live,”Reb David will try to broadcast our sessions by free teleconference (depending on the technology and phone receptivity from the synagogue).

Sessions will be free for members.  Anyone interested in participating should email me (davidevanmarkus@gmail.com).
Proposed dates and topics are below: if many class members wish to make a change, I am amenable to discussing it. With blessings — Reb D.
• August 21 — Rosh Hashanah
• September 11 — Yom Kippur
• October 9 — Sukkot
• November 13 — Chanukkah
• December 11 — Amidah 1
• January 22 — Amidah 2
• February 12 — Amidah 3
• March 12 — Purim
• April 9 — Passover
• May 14 — Shavuot
• June 11 — TBA


Aug 21 2013


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Free to members


Temple Beth-El of City Island
480 City Island Avenue


Reb David Markus

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