Band by the Sea

The special spirit of our “Shul by the Sea” owes much to our popular “Band by the Sea,” our modern version of tradition’s Levi’im (spiritual connectors and accompanists of the Sanctuary). Directed by Stu Goldstein, our Band provides a musical and spiritual envelope for services and celebrations. Bringing special joy and inspiring plenty of dancing on Shabbat and holidays, our “Band by the Sea” is living proof that Jews can have fun in shul!

The Band was shaped by our former participants, Rabbi Shohama Weiner, Alan Dattner, Steve Gottlieb, Robin Loeb, Astor Sage, Joshua Davidowitz and Rabbi David Evan Markus.  The Band is always looking for more musicians to add to our celebratory sound.

Stu Goldstein (guitar) — Stu is a lifelong New Yorker (except for 25 years in Boston) and classicist (except for 40 years jamming with rock and folk groups). Stu hails from a career in education: he taught at all levels, led public and private special education programs, and mediated disputes between school districts and families.

Monty Renov (bass and acoustic guitar) — Monty is a bassist and acoustic guitarist with deep roots in the music scene. Known as a “rock ‘n’ roll troubador,” Monty’s music has taken him to Europe, recording studios, professional bands and even an occasional open-mike night on City Island. Monty is certified in biofeedback, which apparently is different from acoustic feedback.


Shari Berkowitz (vocals and ukulele) — Shari loves to sing and write songs, some funny and some serious. She is happiest singing in harmony and teaching the congregation a new song.  Shari is a proud participant in the Women’s Cantor Network and the Jewish Songwriting Collective led by Sue Horowitz.


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