Band by the Sea

The special spirit of our “Shul by the Sea” owes much to our popular “Band by the Sea,” our modern version of tradition’s Levi’im (spiritual connectors and accompanists of the Sanctuary). Directed by Rabbi David, our Band provides a musical and spiritual envelope for services and celebrations. Bringing special joy and inspiring plenty of dancing on Shabbat and holidays, our “Band by the Sea” is living proof that Jews can have fun in shul!

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David Markus (keyboard and vocals) — R. David trained in piano, voice, composition, jazz improv and direction. His musical works have become liturgy at TBE and elsewhere. As an a cappella vocal director, R. David was offered a spot in Juilliard’s conducting program for which he didn’t apply. He turned it down, he said then, because he wanted to be a lawyer.

rabbi-shohama_cu-2 Shohama Wiener (guitar) — R. Shohama was an associate of R. Shlomo Carlebach and keeps her musical skills fresh with regular master classes and angelic invocations. Her Waters of Healing and other original works have become liturgy in communities within and beyond the denominational streams of Jewish life.


Alan Dattner (harmonica) — Alan has played blues, folk and Cajun harmonica for decades, keeping his skills fresh with master classes and jams up and down the East Coast. Alan also is a master rainsticker, having studied with the rain on a thin roof for years. By day, Dr. Alan practices holistic dermatology and medicine.

Stu Goldstein (guitar) — Stu is a lifelong New Yorker (except for 25 years in Boston) and classicist (except for 40 years jamming with rock and folk groups). Stu hails from a career in education: he taught at all levels, led public and private special education programs, and mediated disputes between school districts and families. With a guitar in hand, Stu’s favorite audience is his granddaughter.

Steven-Gottlieb-03Steve Gottlieb (saxophone and guitar) — Steve is an accomplished saxophonist and sound engineer who performs regularly in professional and coffeehouse settings in the NYC metro area. When not blowing his horn, Steve works in the insurance and healing arts professions – spheres that aren’t especially well known for overlapping.

Robyn Lobe (percussion) — Robyn is a professional percussionist active on the concertizing and Broadway circuits. Robyn trained with the Boston Conservatory, and was part of the tour group for Debbie Friedman z”l. In her spare time, Robyn goes around town with bells on her fingers and toes, and uses movement and sound in volunteering at residential communities.

Monty Renov (bass and acoustic guitar) — Monty is a bassist and acoustic guitarist with deep roots in the music scene. Known as a “rock ‘n’ roll troubador,” Monty’s music has taken him to Europe, recording studios, professional bands and even an occasional open-mike night on City Island. Monty is certified in biofeedback, which apparently is different from acoustic feedback.

Astor Sage (violin) — Astor is a classically trained violinist with backgrounds in acting, singing, movement and composition. His NYC music studio integrates holistic wellness and therapeutic applications of sound as healing art. Astor is a published poet with a series of story albums in production weaving multiple mediums in his style-driven songwriting and storytelling.


We also pay tribute to our alum, who relocated to Europe with his family.

1013052_3085417189888_616969390_nJoshua Davidowitz (violin) — Josh is an accomplished musician with extensive experience in the New York classical music scene. His credits include principal viola for the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble. (Also pictured is Jonathan Davidowitz, guest performer in our Junior Clapping League.)

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