Links for Learning

Because Jewish life is about lifelong learning, we offer these links to some favorite sources of learning and commentary across the denominations.

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal — The umbrella organization for Jewish Renewal.

Reclaiming Judaism — Programs, rituals and resources for meaningful Jewish living, developed by Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Rabbi Shohama and many talented colleagues.

My Jewish Learning — A leading trans-denominational source of Jewish learning, for which our own Rabbi David is a syndicated blogger.

Center for Jewish Life and Learning (CLAL) — A nonprofit dedicated to trans-denominational Jewish leadership, and the host of Rabbis Without Borders.

Mechon Mamre — The Jewish Bible, Mishnah, Talmud and Codes (Hebrew and English).

Tablet Magazine — A daily online magazine of Jewish news and themes.

Velveteen Rabbi — An award-winning blog about Jewish spiritual themes and rabbinic life by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat (classmate of our Rabbi David).  Rabbi Rachel is a poet and compiled our Temple Beth-El haggadah for Passover.

Shma Magazine — A prominent journal of Jewish ideas for which Reb David has served as contributor.

Bronx Jewish Historical Initiative – Our hometown Jewish network sponsored by the Bronx Borough.

Denominations & Trans-Denominational Institutions of Liberal Judaism

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