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Spirit of the Year (Class 5: Opening of Amidah)

Join Reb David for this fifth monthly “Spirit of the Year” class and discussion series exploring the liturgy and spiritual themes of major Jewish holidays in “real time” with the calendar.  This month’s class begins a three-month foray into the Amidah, the “standing prayer” so central to Jewish worship that tradition calls it The Prayer.  This month we will explore the first three blessings of the Amidah: Avot (Ancestors), Gevurot (Strength) and Kedusha (Holiness).  Using text, music and imagery, the class enriches our experience of flowing with the cycle of Jewish time.

All classes and materials in English.  Open to all.  Free to members.  Dessert reception to follow.

For more information, please email Reb David.


Dec 11 2013


7:30 pm - 7:30 pm



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