Learn to Read Hebrew with Shari – for FREE – on Zoom

Join Shari Berkowitz as she teaches NJOP’s Hebrew Reading Crash Course on zoom.

This five week course will have you sounding out words in plenty of time for the High Holidays. Deepen your prayer life by reading Hebrew even just a little.

Over a quarter of a million North American Jews have learned to read Hebrew with this course, so it is tried and true, since 1988.  Shari will be using the NJOP materials and lesson plans.  She will be giving your name and address to NJOP as part of the bargain as well.  Can Shari make basic Hebrew learning fun?  Come and see.

  • Enrollment – FREE!
  • Digital textbook – FREE!
  • Laughs and camaraderie – FREE!

We will start on Thursday, June 29, 2023 and go for 5 weeks.  Class will run from 7:30 til 9:00 PM, with an optional schmooze-glass of wine-troubleshooting-tutoring til 9:30.

You must register to receive the book and attend the class.

  • Have you never studied Hebrew and it’s all just dots and squiggles?  Come!
  • Did you go to Hebrew school as a kid but you’ve forgotten it all?  Come!
  • Did you learn it before but you half forgot?  Come!
  • Do you kind of know how to read but could use a refresher and want to support your friends?  Come!
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