Registration for Spring Course (“Place and Promise: A Spiritual History of the Land of Israel”)

Registration is open for our spring course on the spiritual history of the Land of Israel.
Some of us will be traveling to Israel in late May/June.  All of us are welcome to enroll in this new course, taught by Rabbi David and Rabbi Heidi Hoover of B’Shert Brooklyn, our partners on the Israel trip.
Place and Promise: A Spiritual History of the Land of Israel will connect our itinerary destinations with photographic, historical and textual materials (e.g. Bible, post-Biblical rabbinic materials, modern literature).
Please reserve the following course dates (all 7:30pm ET):
> March 9 – Introduction and Entering the Land
> March 23 – From Judges to Monarchs
> March 30 – Monarchy and Temple Judaism
> April 20 – Roman Conquest, Last Stands and Exile
> May 4 – Judaism on the Go: From Mishneh to Mysticism
> May 18 – Returning to Zion: The Yishuv, Kibbutz and Modern State
Looking forward to learning together!  Please register below
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