Spring Awakening: Memoir Writing and Narrative Inquiry

Join Dr. Ellen Ruth Topol for a new course offering called Spring Awakening: Memoir Writing & Narrative Inquiry

We will meet for 6 Thursdays, from 2 pm to 3:30 pm.

The dates of the class are: 4/7, 4/ 14, 4/21,4.28, 5/5,5/12.

The class is free, but we are capping registration at 10, so you must register below. 

More about the class from Ellen Ruth:

Ellen Ruth invites you to 6 sessions of self-expression in written form (prose, narrative, essay etc.) to reflect about and write where you have been & where you are headed. As spring arrives, the flowers start to bloom, the sun warms our souls unfolding, we too bloom as we will explore our lives as we reflect and dream further remembering the way our lives have been and hoping the way they will continue to unfold.

Definition: Memoir: a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources.

Definition: Narrative inquiry is the process of gathering information for the purpose of research through storytelling. The researcher then writes a narrative of the experience. Connelly and Clandinin (1990) note that, “Humans are storytelling organisms who, individually and collectively, lead storied lives. Thus, the study of narrative is the study of the ways humans experience the world.  (Note: Jean Clandinin was on my doctoral dissertation committee.)

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