Hate and Healing: Rwanda, Genocide and Recovery: A Public Event for Int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day (5:00pm Sunday, Jan. 26)

Join R. David and Ed Ballen of the Rwanda Education Assistance Project at this public event for International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This event, on the Rwandan genocide and national recovery, begins TBE’s series on antisemitism and spiritual response, at a vital time for Jewish, national and global response to the flow of divisiveness and hate in all forms.

Ed Ballen comes to his post-genocide Rwanda relief work through his Jewish lens and his career as a therapist. His Rwanda work has been featured by the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation. 

What can Rwanda teach us about recovering from hate? What can Rwanda teach us about our own inner responses in the wake of hate?

Freewill offering ($20+) to support Ballen’s recovery work for the people of Rwanda. Sponsored by the TBE Task Force on Antisemitism and Spiritual Response.

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