Passover Community Seder a “WOW”

If you attended TBE’s Passover Community seder, you would have said, “WOW!”

A number of guests and members came earlier to help set up, transforming our sanctuary into a large dining hall — larger than our party room downstairs.

Most guests arrived by 6:15pm,  planning ahead for rush hour traffic and parking.  (A wise move, considering the weather and the large number of visitors to City Island that evening.)

NO SCENTS.  For the comfort of all, TBE is a strictly no-scent community.  Guests were asked not wear perfume, cologne or aftershave to shul.

KOSHER ZONE.  For Passover kashrut, TBE was cleaned and all food was subject to rabbinic supervision. Captain Bob likes to say, “Our Seder is Catered, Kosher, and Congenial.” (He likes to use alliteration.)

EYES AND MOUTHS. Our Seder was highly participatory.  The Haggadah  — The Velveteen Rabbi’s Haggadah for Pesach — was projected onto a screen and our voices went way beyond. The most remarkable voice that night was Rabbi David’s.  And,  thanks to a new wireless mic, his voice and guitar were heard without stress or strain.

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