The Many Lights of Torah

rabbi-shohama_cu-2By Rabbi Shohama

Our Torah begins with light.  We might ask: what kind of light begins in primordial darkness?  Our Torah begins with the Creation.  As we read in Genesis 1:

In the Beginning (Bereishit), G!d created the heavens and the earth…. And G!d said,  “Let there be light.” And there was light.  And G!d saw the light, that it was good.

What kind of light was this that our Creator brought forth on the first day, before the sun was created?  That primordial light is the light that permeates all creation, that enlivens the cells in our bodies, gives us the “enlightenment” of consciousness, motivates us to do good, and fills our hearts with love.

Each weekly reading of Torah gives us new insights into the nature of light. This week, in Parshat Noach, we read of the tzohar, the opening to light at the top of the ark.  (See Reb David’s blog about the ark’s skylight.)  Metaphorically, the ark’s opening was where Divine Light could shine into the darkness.

Our sages say that there is an or ha’ganuz, a light that is hidden — secreted in the heart of every living being.  This light connects us to G!d. May we find that light and shine that light, no matter where we are.

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