Purim to the Beat of the Beatles

Purim revelers (left to right) included Michael Eiron, Reb Eva Sax-Bolder, Reb David Markus, Francesca Vitale, Cheryl Berent, Olga Berdé Mahl and Bob Berent.  Photo by Joshua Davidowitz

It was supposed to be a teaching session, but oh, what a swinging time it turned out to be. On Saturday, Feb. 23rd, TBE celebrated Purim. Led by Reb David and Reb Eva, we heard the story of Purim — set to Beatles melodies! Through tunes like “Estherday”, “Help” and others we recalled and rejoiced…and posed for pictures.
Of course, hamentashen were on the menu. The best ones were those baked by Joshua and Anke Davidowitz. Their young son, Jonathon, has to be given credit too (for napping or otherwise giving his parents time to bake the special cookies.

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