Community Led Shabbat with Cap’n Bob (P. Beshalach)

Join us on Friday, January 18th — Shevat 12 — when Cap’n Bob leads us in our Sabbath prayers. A warm, musical introduction to the Sabbath and Parshat Beshalach.

 This Friday, January 18th, Cap'n Bob leads us in a warm, friendly service as we greet the Sabbath and Parshat Beshalach.

Our Friday evening prayerbook is by Marcia Prager, a leading rabbi of Jewish Renewal.

Her  beautiful artwork inspirational English, transliterations and Kabbalistic teachings usher a welcoming, uplifting and nourishing Shabbat. And did I tell you that Bob keeps us all singing on key with his accordion?

January 18th, 2019 7:30 PM
480 City Island Avenue
City Island, NY 10464
United States

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