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Yom Kippur – Morris YC and Zoom – Doors open 9:30 AM for 10:00 start

We begin the celebration of the new year with a combination of zoom and in person gatherings as the Book of Life is opened once again.  We have reserved the ballroom at Morris Yacht Club, 25 City Island Ave, for some of our High Holiday services (see details below).  Morris YC is a beautiful space, with parking, and is fully handicap accessible. You must be vaccinated and wear a mask to attend in person services with us.

The High Holiday schedule:

Thu., Sep. 16, 10:00am     Yom Kippur (through Break Fast)   Morris & Zoom

10:00 AM:  start

12 Noon:  Yizkor (estimated)

2:00 PM:  Midday break

3:30 PM:  Learning

5:00 PM:  Mincha with Jonah

6:00 PM:  Ne’ilah

7:15 PM:  Havdalah followed by Break Fast

Register here to attend in-person services for a high and deep Days of Awe journey with R. David, R. Shohama and the Band. We’ll be at the beautiful Morris Yacht Club (25 City Island Ave.), with grand indoor and outdoor spaces on the water and gorgeous views of New York harbor and the skyline. …

Please register so we can plan: donate to support printing costs, tech purchases, rental of the Morris Yacht Club, and lots of other expenses; and please put the names of your loved ones of blessed memory in our Yizkor Book of Remembrance before Sept. 1.

Register here to attend services on Zoom.  You will receive a link via email.  This link is good for all zoom sessions.  Disregard the 8AM start time, that is for the tech committee.

May you have a meaningful and healing year..

The day will be paced comfortably, so plan to spend the day with us. Yom Kippur will conclude with traditional NeilahHavdalah and catered Break Fast.


Sep 16 2021


10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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