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Stories of Shlomo: Spiritual Storytelling from Jerusalem

Join your clergy and acclaimed Jerusalem maggid (storyteller) and Rebbetzin Emuna Witt-Halevi, longtime student of Shlomo Carlebach, for an evening of spiritual stories about Carlebach’s life and the spiritual life of the Holy City.

High on Holidays — Shofar to Sukkot

Shanah Tovah! All seekers were welcome to our free, inclusive, heart-centered High Holy Day services, blending tradition and innovation in the soulful style of Jewish Renewal. We hope the new year brings you health, happiness, and, above all, peace!

Musical Welcome to Shabbat

Musical Welcome to Shabbat

A Musical Welcome to Shabbat – on Friday eves at 7:30pm.
Join Rabbi Shohama and/or Rabbi David and our Band by the Sea as we usher in Shabbat and approach the High Holy Day season.

Celebrating Pride

Celebrating Pride

Temple Beth-El proudly embraces LGBT members and families, and were among the very first to solemnize same-sex marriages in New York. We adhere to the ALEPH (Jewish Renewal) statement of principles to uplift full inclusion and dignity for all.

The Ordination of Rabbi David Evan Markus

Temple Beth-El of City Island is proud to announce the smicha (ordination) of our very own Rabbi David Evan Markus in the lineage of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Rabbi Shohama Wiener and the Vaad (Academic Leadership) of ALEPH, the Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

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