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Tisha b’Av: Descent for the Sake of Ascent

The community joined Rabbi Shohama and Rabbi David for a soul-opening commemoration of Tisha b’Av, doorway into the High Holy Days that featured the TBE tradition of deconstructing, “destroying” and “rebuilding” our Sanctuary. Tisha b’Av is Judaism’s lowest day, recalling destructions, Jewish exiles and history’s other tragedies. Only as we experience …

God Forgives. Do We?

By Rabbi Shohama Good Yuntif, friends. This is the night, the most solemn night of the Jewish year, when we face our …

Stories of Shlomo: Spiritual Storytelling from Jerusalem

Join your clergy and acclaimed Jerusalem maggid (storyteller) and Rebbetzin Emuna Witt-Halevi, longtime student of Shlomo Carlebach, for an evening of spiritual stories about Carlebach’s life and the spiritual life of the Holy City.

Yom Kippur 2015 / 5776: “Who Would You Be if You Lost it All?”

I want to share a true story about David Gregory, former host of NBC’s Meet the Press, the television forum for national and world leaders. This story came to me in two parts. The first part came from one of my teachers, Dr. Erica Brown, a leading Jewish educator; the second part came from David Gregory himself.

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